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If you could ship niall with anyone else besides Harry, who would it be? Inside and outside the band! :)





this is against my religion I really don’t know.. CAN I SAY ASHTON IRWIN bc yeah(: or basically all of 5SOS.. Xxxxxx

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Yea I don't get it either. All my friends are on my side but she thinks they are on her and it's like… wow your dumb lolz. And now she thinks they are going to date because "he was calling her pretty a lot last night". She doesn't understand how she's being a bitch… I think she might be blind. I talked to my teacher to see if we could make it so her class could go and he said basically the same thing that like she's an awful friend I need to get a better best friend. 😕

Yeah it’s kinda awkward when they think that!! But I’m on your side completely kay?(: and no offence to her but I bet all that he said was “hi” 😶 how can she not seeing what she’s acting like? And yeah if I was you I’d stay out of her way till she sorts herself out hun xxxx

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Thank you, I had a great day and you made it even 7727267193 times better. I'm soo glad that you answered me (and that you understood my shitty english :D), I honestly can't believe it. Thank you sooo much! And you're a lovely person! Love you xxxxx.

Nawhh you’re welcome, I’m glad!!xx of course I answered you ((and understood your wonderful English)) and it’s okay really!! You’re a lovely person yourself kay? Love you xxxxx

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Hi! I just wanted to say: You're my fave here. You make me smile and you seem like a really nice person. Thank you for being here and for making me a bigger Narry shipper than I already am (and that means a lot). Sry for my bad english, I'm German xx

Hiiii hun!!! Nawhh! Thank you so much!!!!xx I’m glad I make you smile🙊 and wow I’m really not a nice person honestly😭😭 thank YOU for sending me this message and wow really?? YOURE WELCOME *evil laugh* xx and you’re English is beautiful!!!xxxx talk to me sometime of you wanna(: xxxxx